The Big Dog Cafe.

Of all of the things I could write about for my first blog a trip to a cafe wouldn’t be high on anyone’s list but this cafe was different…this cafe had gone to the dogs! Not in a bad way but in the best way possible – The Big Dog Cafe is just that, a cafe with big dogs and when I say ‘big’, I mean very big.

I love dogs, I maybe love them more than most humans and when I saw The Big Dog Cafe advertised I knew it was somewhere I had to get to as soon as possible.

The Big Dog Cafe is situated on Ratchadaphisek Road and is right next to the Thailand Cultural Centre metro station – you really can’t miss it. Once there we were greeted by a member of staff and were told we could either have something to eat first or go straight into the dogs room. The food there looked really nice but I hadn’t made the trip here to eat some cake, (I do love cake but I love dogs a bit more), so we went straight in. The dog room is separated from the cafe area by glass doors which allows you to sit and see the dogs while eating. At first I was slightly disappointed that the dogs weren’t mingling around so you could give them a stroke and maybe grab a cuddle as you drank and ate but once you realise the size of the dogs you realise it would be absolute pandemonium if it was done any other way. Also, if the dogs were allowed inside where people were eating there would be a very high chance the dogs would be massively overweight from all the titbits they’d receive and you’d just have a dog cafe full of really overweight and lazy dogs!

Overall there are 20 dogs in the cafe but in the dogs only come out three at a time for 15 minutes, again this wasn’t something I was expecting but yet again it is definitely the right thing to do as it gives the dogs a break from all the over excited customers. When I first went into the dog room it felt quite chaotic as their were a lot of people all vying for 3 dogs attention but after a while you realise that if you stay in one place the dogs, with their inquisitive minds, eventually make their way naturally towards you.

All the dogs looked healthy and happy which had been a slight concern of mine before we arrived and they were all really friendly. They have many different breeds there from Afghan Hounds to Hungarian Komondor’s to Chinese Chow Chows but the breed that stole my heart was BC an Alaskan Malamute (pictured at the top of the page and below)

Me and my new friend, BC

BC was so relaxed and friendly, (despite the fact he’s looking away from me in the photo, ‘thanks’ BC 🙂 ) that I fell for him right away and if I’d had pockets big enough I would’ve tried to leave with him!

But while BC was a big dog he was pretty small next to another Alaskan Malamute that made an appearance shortly after. Solo was his name and he was at least twice the size of BC, but like him, Solo was as daft as a brush and incredibly calm and friendly and was without doubt the biggest dog I’d ever seen.


The very big but very cute Solo.

It was a wonderful experience to spend time with such lovely dogs and with the them rotating every 15 minutes it took about 2 hours to see them all – well worth the 200 Baht entrance fee. The staff there seemed to really care for the dogs and as I said, all the dogs looked relaxed, healthy and happy. The only down side to our time there was we didn’t get to see any of them in the pool located next to the dog room as I think some renovation work was going on. It also, at times felt like there were too many people all vying for the dogs attention but it was a Saturday afternoon so I’d imagine if you went on a weekday afternoon you’d have a bit more quality time with each dog…that’s when I’ll be going when I go there next time!

The Big Dog Cafe is open Wed-Sun from 9am-12am.

I’ve Moved To Thailand By Mistake!

Well…not quite by mistake but if you’d asked me 3 years ago if I would be planning on leaving the UK and moving to Thailand I would have looked at you funny, taken your temperature and then asked if you were on drugs.

I won’t get into why I’ve moved here just yet, (not because the reason is bad or depressing but I will hopefully have plenty of time to tell you),  instead lets deal with a more pressing matter because as with almost every other foreigner that moves to Thailand I’ve decided to start a blog about my experiences here. But this isn’t going to be one of those serious blogs…I will write about the day to day stuff hat I encounter but I will purposely hunt out the weird and wonderful things of Thailand. I will take you and my video recorder (just the video on my phone so don’t get too excited, Steven Spielberg) to places that are not on the the average tourist trail and push myself out of my comfort zone (who doesn’t like watching someone do that?!)

I’m not lazy…its hot here.